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Fics: Time and Bloom (both Alice/Hatter, PG)

I wrote a couple of Alice (SyFy) stocking stuffers for Fandom Stocking last year and realised when it came time to post this year's offerings that I'd never got around to posting them. Still, better late than never, I suppose :)

Title: Time
Author: alyse
Fandom: Alice (SyFy)
Pairing: Alice/Hatter
Author's Notes: For Pouncer for fandom_stocking.
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~750

Summary: There's a clock on the wall in Alice's house, and it ticks out the time, beat by beat by beat.

( Time )


Title: Bloom
Author: alyse
Fandom: Alice (SyFy)
Pairing: Alice/Hatter
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,230
Warnings/Spoilers: No warnings. Vague spoilers for the end of Alice.
Author's Notes: For temaris, who fell in love with Alice, just as I did. Written for her as part of [community profile] fandom_stocking

Summary: Hatter is a man of many skills.

( Bloom )
fairy and moon

"A Shot Of Passion" Alice/Jack/Hatter, NC-17

I can't remember the last time I wrote an Alice fic... so have a porny ficlet. :)

Title: A Shot Of Passion
Author: Eustacia Vye
Author's e-mail:
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Alice/Hatter/Jack
Disclaimer: If you recognize them, they're not mine.
Spoilers/Warnings: Post-movie, indeterminate time frame. Story is posted in an entry with nine other multifandom ficlets for Porn Battle XIV.
Summary: Hatter knew he was going to like this too much, and that he wouldn't want it as just a one time thing.
Alice // Hatter/Alice // Almost

Fic: Ecstasy (Rating Mature) Hatter/Alice

Title Ecstasy
Author: inter Ashby (rosweldrmr)
Disclaimer Alice copy; Nick Willing
Rating M
Summary Someone was calling her name, through the dark, through the haze of ecstasy, she heard him calling. [Hatter & Alice] When Alice is brought to the Casino for a second time, what will the Queen's punishment be? [Pick up in scene where Winston suggests banishment.]
Warnings Mature Content
Authors Notes: ... I don't even know. This just popped into my head while I was watching the miniseries... and poof
max/alec 2

Time to vote!

Hey kids!

The totally fab community het_reccers is having a shipping cage match! Who doesn't love a poll!

And Alice/Hatter made it to the next round! But they are facing the formidable Amy/Rory from Dr. Who, so how about you click the linked pic and head over to vote for the most charming ship to ever charm!


request: "Tea Party" by Kerli

"Tea Party" is a song that appeared on the Almost Alice album compiled for Disney's movie. and I have no idea how it made the cut, because it's full of fantastic sexual innuendo.

Collapse )

Collapse )

SO: anybody out there feel like using this song in a fanvid for our Alice? the moar Alice/Hatter-shippy, the better...just have fun with it :) (or if you're inspired to whip up some fanfic, graphics, etc based on the song, that's cool too.)

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